Who We Are ?

At Delta-ASM , we are specialists in offshore ship repairing,onshore and offshore metal construction.The main aim of Delta-ASM is transformation of the company’s strategy into concrete entirely tangible objectives, targets and eventually actions.

Our mission: Keeping continuity of generations and best traditions of ship repair, provision with maximum effectiveness and quality of ship repair services in compliance with the international standards

Our values: 1. Professionalism Implementation of ship repair projects to the high quality level; enhance the professionalism; adoption of new technologies, modernizations and capacities expansion
2. Responsibility to be responsible for ship repairs and qualitative performance of orders
3. Teamwork 4. Partnership

Strategic vision:

Work performance and its quality (including maintenance) in the best way, satisfaction of client requirements.

Competency and infrastructure enabling  company to create new innovative ideas on new orders providing subsequent best management of technological facilities satisfying clients’ requirements

Competency and infrastructure enabling  company to make continuous improvements, to increase the level of repairs & modernization  and to reduce cost of operations carried out.


Our partner